Other Email Clients

Unfortunately there are a huge amount of email clients out there and we only have time to create step-by-step instructions for most of the popular ones. However, you might be able to "wizard" your way through an email set up with the following settings:

Outgoing Email Settings

Outgoing server type: SMTP
Outgoing server name: mail.ithinc.net
Outgoing server port: 587 (the default is 25)
Some mobile settings may need the port to be included in the server address such as: mail.ithinc.net:587 (colon seperates and designates the alternate port number)

Use Outgoing Email Server Authentication

  • your username is your full email address
  • your password is your password
  • some email clients have the ability to "use the same as your incoming mail server" this is a good idea.

Incoming Email Settings

Incoming server type: IMAP
Incoming server name: mail.ithinc.net
Incoming username: Your full email address (most clients just default to the first part of your email address, so be careful)
Incoming password: your standard password